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Foot and Ankle Treatments

Gary J.Thomas and his staff specialize in foot and ankle problems. We are one of the leading medical facilities in Highland, IN. From bunion treatment to plantar warts surgery, you can count on our team for expert podiatric medicine. Come to our facility and let us help you walk without pain.

Patient-Centered Service

Whether you need treatment for advanced foot injuries or foot pain, we can help you get back on your feet again. We are board certified and have in-house foot surgeons. Even after years of being in the industry, we are still looking for new ways to serve patients. Our surgeons are updated on the latest medical breakthroughs. Rest assured that you will experience superior and patient-centered services when you visit us.
Ingrown toenails removal

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Take care of your feet by visiting us. We offer a holistic approach in treating adult and adolescent lower-limb problems. Put your best foot forward with the help of our treatments. Call (219) 923-1254 to schedule an appointment with our podiatrists.